Live Culture Coast—celebrating people, place, and possibilities

In ecology, there is a concept called “ecotones”— transition zones along the edges of two overlapping ecosystems. You might think of these places as the mixed-use zones of the natural world. They host a greater diversity of life than the adjoining landscapes. Their tone tends to be more resilient, hardier.

Live Culture Coast grew from a desire to explore the energetic possibilities produced at intersections like these—and not just in ecology. People and community. Locals and travelers. Microorganisms and food. Landscapes and creativity.

What happens when different ecosystems, ideas, microbes, stories, and people come together? What new discoveries can be made? What might be created?

The 90-plus hands-on experiences of the first-annual Live Culture Coast, focused on art and culture, food and farms, and people and places, invite people to come to the Southern Oregon Coast to find out.

By joining Live Culture Coast, you yourself are an active starter.

Running from Reedsport to Brookings, the Southern Oregon Coast landscapes are dramatic—literally breathtaking. Making their home here on the edge of the continent, its people, too, have proven to be resilient, hardier.

Owing to years of hard work and destination development, the Southern Oregon Coast is inviting people deeper into its fold. The Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail, and outdoor gems like the Oregon Coast Trail, the Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Trails, the Coquille River Water Trail, and the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway open up the possibilities.

Infused by Wormfarm Institute’s active starter culture grown at Fermentation Fest in Wisconsin, Live Culture Coast builds on all these great successes. The result we hope will be palpable, not just in the taste of fresh sablefish (caught by Port Orford fishermen) on your plate and prepared by a chef committed to sustainable fishing. Or the feeling of exhilaration from riding a bike down a stretch of empty Oregon beach at low tide. Or a personal connection with the small-batch brewers, distillers, and cider-makers who buy ingredients from local farmers (or grow ingredients themselves). Or the feeling of making art with your own hands.

By joining Live Culture Coast, you yourself are an active starter for a beautiful place in the process of becoming. We hope you will join us to explore the edges.

We hope you make the trip. 


Cranberry photo by Hachapite