Live Culture Coast and Oregon Coast This Week present Cache the Coast!

Fifteen million geocachers found more than 83 million caches last year, and Live Culture Coast is adding a whole host of new caches along the Southern Oregon Coast for players during Cache the Coast presented in partnership with Oregon Coast This Week. Each cache will hold coast souvenirs for you to find—locate all the caches and you’ll be eligible for even more prizes.

If you’ve never tried geocaching before, it works like this: After downloading a geocaching app to your phone or GPS, you can find coordinates to millions of hidden “caches,” usually a container holding prizes or a log book or both. The adventure is going to find it. Caches can be large or small, hard to find, or easy. (Geocaching is especially fun for kids, who love the adventure of discovering secret treasures.)

What it is—The Cache the Coast geocaching contest will take place along the 135 miles of the Southern Oregon Coast, stretching from Reedsport to Brookings.

Prizes—Those who complete Cache the Coast will be eligible for even more prizes.  

Coming Soon—Stay tuned to learn how to receive your Cache the Coast passport in September.

Fun Fact—Geocaching got its start in Oregon in 2000, yet more proof that Oregon has an active starter culture.



Photo by Oregon Coast Visitors Association