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Live Culture Coast and Oregon Coast This Week Present Cache the Coast!

With 3 million active geocaches worldwide in 191 different countries on all seven continents, geocaching is a global phenomenon. This year, Live Culture Coast is adding a whole host of new caches along the Southern Oregon Coast for players during Cache the Coast, presented in partnership with Oregon Coast This Week.

We’ve placed caches at 35+ of the experiences on the Live Culture Coast route to create a GeoTour. Find any 10 caches and complete your Cache the Coast passport between October 19-27 to get in the running for great prizes — a $250 shopping spree at Scout Northwest Trading Company and a two-night stay at Salishan Resort.

Click on passport below to download a printable PDF.

You’re invited to our kickoff event at Coos History Museum on Saturday, Oct. 19, 10-11 am, 1210 N. Front Street, Coos Bay during which the GeoTour will go LIVE!

• Get an introduction to geocaching

• Learn more about Live Culture Coast events

• Pick up your Cache the Coast passport

  • Drink a fresh cup of Bayside Coffee

If you’ve never tried geocaching before, it works like this: After downloading a geocaching app to your phone or GPS, you can find coordinates to millions of hidden “caches,” a log book, prizes and often both. The adventure is going to find it. Caches can be large or small, hard to find, or easy. The 35+ stop GeoTour will last a full 12 months, so you can continue your Southern Oregon Coast adventure all year and earn the official GeoTour souvenir for your geocaching profile!


Fun Fact—Geocaching got its start in Oregon in 2000, yet more proof that Oregon has an active starter culture.



Photo by Oregon Coast Visitors Association