The Southern Oregon Coast Hosts an Epic 90 Hands-on Experiences for First-Annual Live Culture Coast


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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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Amber Peoples, Creative Director, Live Culture Coast

 Marcus Hinz, Executive Director, Oregon Coast Visitors Association

The South Oregon Coast Hosts an Epic 90 Hands-on Experiences for First-Annual Live Culture Coast

  • The 10-day celebration (October 18–27) follows a unique choose-your-own-itinerary format. The experiences celebrate the farms + food, arts + culture, and abundant natural places of the Southern Oregon Coast.

  • Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey, fermentation educators and co-authors of the new book Miso, Tempeh, Natto and other Tasty Ferments, will headline three experiences during Live Culture Coast.

Photo Courtesy Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Photo Courtesy Oregon Coast Visitors Association

COOS BAY, Ore. — Tickets to the classes and events of the first annual Live Culture Coast (October 18–27) are now on sale. This is the first year for the 10-day Live Culture Coast, which takes place over 135 miles on the trails and shores, and in small towns and businesses of th Southern Oregon Coast, from Reedsport to Brookings.

Unlike typical festivals, which focus on a single venue or large event, Live Culture Coast follows a choose-your-own-itinerary format—it offers a rich menu of experiences for every type of traveler. The newly launched website,, features a complete roster of 2019 classes and events as well as Live Culture Coast’s many free art experiences, including Place-based Poetry, Cliff Notes, and site-specific art installations.

Live Culture Coast is offering anyone who registers for events and classes by September 8 a discount of 10 percent.

At its heart, Live Culture Coast celebrates what makes the Southern Oregon Coast the next great travel destination on the West Coast—its bounty of food and farms, its growing arts and culture scene, and its incredible access to wild nature. It also celebrates the Southern Oregon Coast people: All classes and events are hosted by the farmers, brewers, artists, bakers, chefs, and entrepreneurs who call the South Coast home. “People here have so much passion and energy—and they want to share their knowledge and stories with others,” says Amber Peoples, Live Culture Coast Creative Director. “Live Culture Coast is designed to pique curiosity and deliver the kinds of experiences that can transform us in some essential way. We want people to have a richer, deeper connection to this incredible place.”

A few of the experiences now on sale include:

Famed FermentWorks founders and co-authors, Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey, to lead three fermentation experiences

Three experiences at Live Culture Coast will be led by Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey, co-authors of the bestselling book Fermented Vegetables, as well as Fiery Ferments, and their newest, Miso, Tempeh, Natto and other Tasty Ferments. The Shockeys have a smallholding in the Applegate Valley. When they are not teaching fermentation across the globe, they host workshops and create new flavors in their mountain fermentation lab.

Dedicated fermentation educators, the Shockeys will teach Live Culture Coast guests how to make miso in FermentWorks Miso Magic and will host a lively science pub night at Chetco Brewing, in Brookings, covering the effervescent topic of Microbiome and Fermented Foods. And for a special Saturday night out, enjoy a family-styled dinner with Chef Andrew as the Shockeys tell stories of the dishes being served from Miso, Tempeh, Natto.

“Fermentation is about transformation of food and ourselves—and I am awed by it,” says Kirsten Shockey. “Microbes modify our foods in ways that preserve them and make them healthier, sure, but also by layering on delicious flavors, which from a health standpoint is brilliant. If something is scrumptious, you are going to want to eat it and then your own microbiome reacts—it feels good and tells your cravings, Hey send more of that down, would you? It’s at this moment that our own transformation begins.”

Enthusiasm for fermenting and fermented foods has been a rising trend among consumers, home cooks, and chefs. “Fermentation has suddenly gone from a relic of yesteryear to a massive food trend,” noted an article in People’s interest in fermented foods such as kimchi and beverages like kombucha also follows a growing roster of scientific evidence linking gut health with improved mood and overall human health.

Learning to ferment safely is also important as the trend grows. As part of Live Culture Coast, OSU Extension Service’s Master Food Preserver Program will lead Fermentation 101, a hands-on workshop in which guests learn to preserve food safely and make that mainstay of vegetable ferments, sauerkraut.

The Southern Oregon Coast cements its place as the up-and-coming travel destination of the West Coast

Southern Oregon Coast communities are leaning into their role as one of the West’s up-and-coming culinary and travel destinations. In 2018, it launched the Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail, which maps the area’s many farms, farm stands, restaurants, and local food sellers.

“The Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail gives travelers easy access to the best of this region’s incredible bounty,” says Marcus Hinz, Executive Director of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association, a primary sponsor of Live Culture Coast. “Local chefs and entrepreneurs are buying direct from local farmers and fishermen, and that helps build a local economy. Travelers also win, because they can literally taste the flavors of South Coast on their plates—or in a glass of small-batch cask ale or cranberry cider.” 

The Southern Oregon Coast also has been developing more opportunities for visitors to experience its natural beauty, by creating new trails, including the Whiskey Run Mountain Biking Trails and the Coquille River Water Trail.

  “Live Culture Coast brings together all these efforts to develop this region of the coast into a world-class destination,” says Hinz. “The Southern Oregon Coast has so much for travelers, but still has a feel of being undiscovered. That’s a good thing. It may be a little farther afield, but Live Culture Coast gives people the perfect reason to make the trip.”


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